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SIT Incoming

Summer Internship Opportunity

 SIT Incoming - cover

Internships at SIT are learning experiences designed for students who wish to gain knowledge about social innovation and social entrepreneurship, as well as experience the working environment of startups with a significant social impact and non-profit organizations.

We provide several internship opportunities during the year through participation in our projects and in projects of the social startups supported by the SIT community. Examples of projects and startups are available on our websites and new projects are constantly added to our portfolio.


The candidate will contribute to the activities of one or two startups (or entrepreneurial teams) supported by the SIT community. He/She will collaborate closely with the team of these startups in one or more the following areas:

  • Business ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Innovation analysis and consultancy (e.g. to introduce circular economy principles, to introduce social impact metrics and reporting tools)
  • Project management
  • Communication and social media management (including researching and writing articles and news)
  • Product development and service design (including the analysis of competing products and services)
  • Graphic design and video-making
  • Marketing analysis and planning
  • SEO, Google analytics, Facebook analytics


  • The candidate will have to follow the instructions of a SIT-tutor. The SIT-tutor will help the candidate to manage his/her interaction with the startups and the SIT community.
  • The candidate will contribute with different activities based on the needs of the startups and the skills of the applicant (see above).
  • To better immerse himself/herself in the working environment the candidate will conduct background research on the selected startups and their business areas in Italy and abroad. For the same reason, the candidate will also study the basic elements of the technologies and/or knowledge areas relevant for the selected startups.
  • Participation in in-person or Skype meeting is required and will provide the candidate with opportunities to share his/her work and receive feedback.
  • The candidate will devote time to know the founders and the staff of the startups and will be available to participate in strategic and team building activities to better integrate himself/herself in the entrepreneurial team.
  • The candidate acknowledges the challenges and working environments that a newly born startup faces. For instance, a startup is not centered around established processes and roles. Rather it is still searching for a viable business model and working on its products/services. In this framework, the candidate is ready to engage in different activities and play different roles to adapt to the constantly evolving environment.
  • The candidate is required to produce one end-of-internship report including description of the activities, outcomes, and new skills developed.


  • Background in management, design, software development, communicating skills, data analytics (see “internship overview” above).
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn new skill and acquire new knowledge.
  • Strong interest in social innovation and social entrepreneurship.


  • Basic health insurance coverage
  • Italian visa (depending on the country of origin)

SIT can support the candidate through the process.

Duration: 10-12 weeks during the year period, with a strong preference for the months of May through July. The candidate can select his/her weekly commitment expressing interest for a part-time (20 h/week) or full-time (40 h/week) schedule.


Please send a cv and a cover letter to internships@socialinnovationteams.org